Accounting Services

 1.     General Accounting

-Bookkeeping on computer
- Online Customer Relations
-Annually Income Tax Statement
-Commercial Profit Declaration
-Independent Business (Professional Occupation) Profit Declaration
- Corporation Tax Statement
- Declaration of Independent Business (Professional Occupation) Profit       with Other Income Profits
-Social Insurance Instution Payments
-Asset Revenues Declaration
-Brief Condensed, VAT and Estate
-Situation of Bank Accounts
-Heredity and Transition
-Other Declarations and Statements
2.     Corporation Establishment

-Incorporated Companies:
Joint Stock Companies
Limited Companies
Commandite Companies
Collective Companies
-Unincorporated Comapneis
Joint Venture
Business Association
3.     Corporation Establishment by Foriegn Capital
4.     Heredity and Trasition Transactions
5.     Estate Tax Declaration
6.     Feasibility Reports
7.     Accaounting Provenience Experts
8.     Other Documents

-Trade Mark
-Copy Rights
-Permission Documents to establish a Corporation
      9. Settlement

Tax Services

1.      Audit and Full Examination -Confirmation of Financial Reports (Annually Income Tax/ Annually Corporate Tax)
2.      VAT, Return and Stoppage Transactions
3.      Heredity And Transition Tax Transactions (Examination of Wealth and Assets)
4.      Application of Legislation No. 6183 (Procedure of Public Creditors Revenue Law)
5.      Investment Discount Transactions (Collecting Investment Incitement Documents)
6.      Confirmation of Discrete Declaration
7.      Other Income and Corporate Tax Declaration
8.      Confirmation of Declarations which do not contain VAT and Private Consumption Tax Return and Stoppage
9.      Activity Confirmation Report for Private Consumption Tax (PCT) of Productivity (delay-cancellation) and for PCT of Null Sea Transport Fuel with   respect to Bioethanol Consumption
10. VAT Confirmation of Cancellation and Delay Transaction
11. Evaluation of the Travel Agency’s responsibilities on bringing foreign currency in to Turkey and revenue from income of tourism
12. Confirmation of Custom Declarations
13. Reports on Re-evaluated Transactions
14. Capital Existence Calculations
15. Stock Valuation and Revaluation
16. Addition of the Internal Resources to the Main Capital
17. Return of the fee for support of usage of the resources
18. The Education, Sport and Health Institutions’ Exception Operation
19. Association, Institution and similar foundations’ Exception Procedures
20. Consultancy on M&A, Settlements and Dissolutions
21. Tax Consultancy

Consulting Services


As Sir Adrian Cadbury defined it in Global Corporate Governance Forum, “Corporate Governance is concerned with holding the balance between economic and social goals and between individual and communal goals. The corporate governance framework is there to encourage the efficient use of resources and equally to require accountability for the stewardship of those resources. The aim is to align as nearly as possible the interests of individuals, corporations and society”. Therefore in order to increase our customers’ efficiency we are providing the services of :
o   Human Resources and Information Management
o   Generate the structure of Annual General Assembly
o   Recording the official report of Annual General Assembly
o   Restructuring the Corporate Governance
o   Dealing with problems regarding to the Agency Problem
o   Dealing with the problems regarding to the Conflict of Interest
o   Creating Strategies which are consisting the concepts of transparency, accountability and impartiality
o   Following the Strategic Accounting and Management to obtain maximum performance
o   Market Research and Evaluation
o   Developing Strategies to increase revenue
Corporate finance is an independent specialty area. We provide the following consultancy services in accordance with corporate finance principles with its expert staff.
o   Company evaluations,
o   Mediation services in purchasing and selling,
o   Merger and acquisition consultancy,
o   Competition Analysis
o   Public offering,
o   Local and foreign business associations,
o   Financial planning,
o   Restructuring,
o   Pre-investigation of the company before purchasing,
o   Budget planning,
o   Strategy analysis and management consultancy,
o   Organization configuration,
o   Risk management,
o   Project financing. 
Financial Risk Management (FRM) : 
FRM is a system which helps our customers to eliminate their risk in both legal and financial perspectives which will also lead to create a better environment for stabilizing and enlarging their market share. The services we provide under FRM are:
-System Management
-Capacity Management
-Risk Management: Generating the Substructures and its Processes
- Identifying the Risks that might be faced in the Business Environment
- Stating Strategies to eliminate possible risks
- Creating Competitive Advantage by Risk management
- Identifying the risk been taken in businesses related to IT
The importance of internal audit comes into the picture clearly as companies expand. With the new Turkish Commercial Code, the internal audit  is about to become a statutory obligation. We provide consultancy and support services on the subjects that will provide efficient operation of the internal control function, such as establishment of internal control system, development of policies and procedure and training of internal auditors.
Project Management: 
Project management is a set of principles, practices, and techniques applied to lead project teams and control project schedule, cost, and performance risks to result in delighted customers. In every business the key to success is the right planning and management. We will be taking care of your projects to have the highest profit while having the lowest cost. The services we provide under Project Management are;
- Identifying and Planning the Subject, Aim and Elements of the Project
- Project Cycle Management
- Strategic Planning
- Budgeting and Financial Planning
- Risk and Quality Analysis