CPA Company Profile

Fatih Denetim SMMM A.Ş. (Fatih Denetim CPA Inc) has been serving to its precious customers since 1953 by its consistently increasing service quality and experience. The most important values to us are to be attentive and conscience at our every task. The personnel of our firm have been trained according to latest technology and regulations in terms of accounting systems and frameworks to fulfil our customers’ needs.

Our difference from other companies appears when it comes to present the financial reports. Our priority is to follow laws and regulations while creating the ideal version of the financial reports to be used in different areas of commerce. Additionally, we have been helping our customers for creating their own domestic and foreign feasibility reports, to plan their general accounting flow and to accelerate their work stream.

Finally, our company is one of the rooted and prestiged companies within the financial consultancy sector since we follow the latest developments and updates for both Turkish Legislations and International Financial Reporting Standards. We have also been awarded by ISO 9001 certificate due to our service quality.

In order to make our customers and ourselves more informed in the subjects of accounting and finance we have been attributing and supporting the projects and researches in these fields.

Sworn-in CPA

Our company has been attending the tax consultancy and all services related to Sworn-in CPA since 1996 by a crew of 20 people and Sworn-in CPA Fatma Mevhibe Özgün.
Our tax and tax revision department provides individual and quality tax consultancy services on national and international levels with the leadership of the associates who had worked as accountant in the Ministry of Finance. This consultancy includes various services from making tax returns to proactive tax management.
Today, optimum tax strategy contributes not only to profitability but also to investment attractiveness.

Our goal is to provide consultancy services for our clients in order for them to construct their activities efficiently according to the tax legislations and have accurate tax strategies.

In this context:

We provide consultancy and training services on hidden taxes except Corporation Tax, Income Tax, Value Added Tax, Tax Conventions, Stamp Duty, Banking and Insurance Transaction Tax, Property Tax, Customs Tax; Foreign-Exchange Legislation, Foreign Capital Legislation, Capital Market Legislation, Banking Legislation, Encouragement Legislation, Commercial Law, Labor Law and Social Security Legislation and other financial laws and regulations with our experts.